Adverbs of frequency Learn English Grammar

We use adverbs of frequency when we talk about how often we do something. We usually use it with the present and past simple tenses and the future tenses.

These are the most common adverbs.

Adverbs of frequency

always 100 % He always eats breakfast
usually 90 % I usually eat lunch in the office.




She often goes to bed late.


regularly 70% We regularly walk on the beach.


40-50%   I sometimes go to the library.



hardly ever


I seldom go to the theatre.

never 0% Vegetarians never eat meat.


The adverb usually goes after the subject at the beginning of the sentence. Here are some adverb of frequency examples.


I always clean my teeth in the morning and before going to bed at night.

We usually go to the cinema on Fridays but this week we’re going to a birthday party.

My neighbours frequently play music in the evenings. It drives me mad because it is so loud!

They occasionally like to try out a new restaurant.

We hardly ever go to the theatre because it is too expensive.


There are also other ways of saying how often we do something. These expressions usually go at the beginning or the end of the sentence.


Every now and then we take a trip to the beach with the kids so they can play on the beach.

Every so often my boss brings in cakes for everyone in the office.

We like to visit our friends in London every once in a while.


We can also use ‘every’ and a specific time period, for example,

Every morning

Every day

Every week

Every Sunday

Every month

Every Christmas

Every year

Every ten years


We have family round for lunch every Sunday.

The Olympics is held every four years.

Halley’s comet passes the Earth every 75 years. The last time was in 1986.

Another way of saying how often,

Once a week

Twice a day

Three times a year

Several times a month


You should brush your teeth twice a day.

The head of the company only visits our office four times a year.

They eat out in restaurants five times a week because they don’t like cooking.


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