Learn English vocabulary: Spring idioms

Spring Idioms

Have you got a ‘spring’ in your step? Then ‘spring’ into action and learn about spring idioms!

FullSizeRender Here are some idioms and expressions using the word ‘spring’.

 Idioms are common expressions in everyday English.  However it is usually difficult to understand the meaning of the idiom from the words.  For example: ‘To push the boat out’ actually means ‘to spend a lot of money usually to celebrate something.’  The spring idioms below all contain the word spring.  Some are connected to the season and some to the verb ‘to spring’.


Idioms are not used in formal writing but are often found in literature or in everyday speech.  You do not need to use them but it is a good idea to understand the most common idioms.

A spring in your step: To walk in an energetic and happy way. 

‘You’ve got a real spring in your step today.  Have you had some good news?’

Full of the joys of spring: To feel happy and full of energy.

‘It’s such a lovely day. I feel full of the joys of spring!’

No spring chicken: a colloquial (everyday) expression to say someone is not young.

‘He had to give up driving. After all, he is 102.  He’s no spring chicken.’

Spring to your feet: To stand up quickly.

‘The children sprang to their feet when the headteacher entered the classroom.’

Spring to mind: To think of something.

‘I can’t remember.  Nothing springs to mind, I’m afraid.’

Spring into action: To start work or activity quite quickly.

‘Everyone sprang into action when the fire alarm went off.’

Spring something on someone: To surprise someone with unexpected news.

‘You want me to speak at tomorrow’s meeting.  You’ve sprung that on me. I haven’t time to prepare.’

Spring up on someone: To get close someone really quickly.

‘You made me jump.  Springing up on me like that!’

Spring to life: To suddenly become alive or more energetic.

 ‘The car’s engine sprang to life when he turned the key.’

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