Idioms and expressions with bees

This post looks at idioms and expressions using bees and honey.

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Busy as a bee

= to be really busy

I’m so tired. I’ve been as busy as a bee all day cleaning the house and doing the garden.

Busy bee

= someone who is very busy

Have you really done all that today? Wow. You’ve been a busy bee.


The bee’s knees

= really good and important

John’s new electric car is amazing. It really is the bee’s knees!

My manager annoys me. He thinks he’s the bee’s knees.


A bee in your bonnet

= to keep thinking and talking about something that you think is important

My husband has a real bee in his bonnet about the neighbour’s dog. It barks every time my husband is in the garden.


The birds and the bees

= a gentle way of saying sex and how babies are made

What is the best age to tell your children about the birds and the bees?


Bee-stung lips

= lips that are particularly full

Brigitte Bardot had perfect, bee-stung lips.


Make a bee-line

= to move quickly to a particular place, usually the bathroom or a bar

Phillip drinks too much. Whenever he goes to a party, he always makes a beeline for the bar and stays there all evening.


Spelling bee

= a competition where competitors must spell difficult words and the winner spells the most words correctly.

My daughter has entered this year’s National Spelling Bee.



= an expression of affection

Hi, Honey, I’m home!


Honey trap

  1. = use of an attractive person to try to get someone to reveal information

Mi6 used a honey trap to discover the hiding place of the billionaire criminal.


  1. = somewhere or something that is very attractive and attracts a lot of people

Paris is a honey trap for tourists.


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