Giving Advice: Learn English Vocabulary

Giving Advice

This post looks at ways of offering someone advice.  We often use groups of words in conversation for example: ‘If I were you’ or ‘Have you tried..?’  This post looks at some of the most common expressions we use when giving someone advice.

Why don’t you look at the examples below and practice giving someone advice using the expressions below?  Ask yourself ‘What would you recommend?’


Beginners – Intermediate

  1. You could …….
  2. You should ……
  3. I think/I really think you must/should …
  4. You probably/definitely/really should …
  5. You could try (verb + ing)
  6. Have you tried (verb + ing)
  7. Why not ….?
  8. One thing you could/should/have to/must do is …
  9. My suggestion/advice is …
  10. Why don’t you …?
  11. It’s usually a good idea to ….
  12. The most important thing is to …..
  13. If I were/was you, I would ….
  14. You had better …


My dog always tries to bite other dogs.

You could go to dog training classes!

You should go to dog training classes.  Your dog needs to be trained properly.

You really should buy a muzzle so he can’t bite other dogs!


I can’t stop smoking!

You could try going to see a hypnotherapist. I hear that can help.

Have you tried those e-cigarettes?  They are not as dangerous as real cigarettes.

Have you tried smoking fewer cigarettes. If you smoke 10 a day, why not smoke 9. Then next week, smoke 8 a day etc.

My suggestion is that you talk to your doctor.  He or she might be able to give you some good advice.


I can’t sleep at night!

The most important thing is to relax before bed, read a book or have a warm bath.

If I were you I would try to think about nice things.  It helps you to stop worrying.

You had better see your doctor if you are having real problems.

I recommend turning your phone off before bed. Don’t watch TV or go on your computer.

My advice is that you do more exercise.  I sleep much better now because I take the dog for a long walk every evening and I play tennis three times a week.


Upper Intermediate – Advanced


  1.  If I were/was in that situation, I’d …
  2. Have you thought about …?
  3. Make sure you don’t …
  4. Whatever you do, …
  5. Your only option is to …
  6. You have no choice but to …
  7. The sooner you …, the better.
  8. It’s worth …….
  9. Take it from me ……(informal)
  10. You can’t/won’t go wrong …..
  11. You’d be crazy to/not to … (informal)
  12. If it were/was up to me, I would …..
  13. If that happened to me I would ….
  14. I strongly recommend you ….




My neighbours play loud music late at night!


If it were up to me I would call the police.

If that was happening to me I would play my music even louder!!

If I were in that situation, I would try to talk to my neighbours sensibly about the problem.


I have talked to my neighbours and now they hate me!! They have started putting their rubbish in our garden and playing their music even louder!


You have no choice but to call the police if they continue to play loud music at night.

Take it from me, the best thing to do is to move house!

The sooner you get some legal advice, the better.

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  1. Hi Lisa.
    Very well again. This post is a great advice for all of us who are trying to improve English.
    I strongly recommend you keep on doing these posts about English because they are very useful.
    Greetings from Spain.

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