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Snow vocabulary and expressions

A flurry

This describes light snowfall.

It’s snowing outside but it’s only a flurry. I don’t think we will be able to build a snowman yet.

A blizzard

This describes extremely heavy snowfall and strong winds.

We can not leave the house. The blizzard has blocked the roads. No one can get in or out of the town.


  1. One piece of snow

I read that every snowflake is unique. No two snowflakes are the same.

2. A word used in a negative way to describe someone who is considered weak and easily upset.

He called her a snowflake but she didn’t really care. 


  1. slushy

Slush is snow that is starting to melt. It is often quite dirty because of the ground underneath. Slushy describes the situation.

Go carefully when you leave. It is really slushy out but there are patches of ice on the ground too.

2. slushy

Slushy has another meaning. It is used informally to describe someone or something that is too romantic or emotional.

Jo loved the film but I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I found it a bit too slushy.

To settle

This verb describes snow when it falls to the ground and stays there.

It’s snowing! I really hope it settles and that we can build a snowman.

Snowed in

This expression is used to say that you can leave your house or the area where you live because of the snow.

We were snowed in for three days when we stayed in a farmhouse in Scotland last year.


A large pile of snow that was created by the wind pushing it.

We need some help to clear this snow-drift.


This describes mountains which have snow on the top at the peak.

I loved walking in the snow-capped mountains of Austria last year.

Snow idioms

Snowed under

This idiom means that you have too many jobs to do or too much work and you are finding it difficult.

I would love to come to lunch with you but I am snowed under at the moment. I have to finish this report before five o’clock this evening because the manager is away tomorrow.

Pure as the driven snow

This describes someone who is morally pure.

People used to describe Paul as pure as the driven snow but his friends know he has a completely different character. He is lovely at work but at the weekend he a totally different person.


  1. a ball made from snow.

It’s snowing! Let’s go outside and build a snowman and throw some snowballs.

2. Idiom – to snowball (verb) for a situation to get better or worse very quickly.

This business did not do well at the beginning. Then we started to offer free advice to our customers and the business started to do really well. Things snowballed from there. We are making ten times as much money as this time last year.

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