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Giving Advice: Learn English Vocabulary

Giving Advice

This post looks at ways of offering someone advice.  We often use groups of words in conversation for example: ‘If I were you’ or ‘Have you tried..?’  This post looks at some of the most common expressions we use when giving someone advice.

Why don’t you look at the examples below and practice giving someone advice using the expressions below?  Ask yourself ‘What would you recommend?’


Beginners – Intermediate

  1. You could …….
  2. You should ……
  3. I think/I really think you must/should …
  4. You probably/definitely/really should …
  5. You could try (verb + ing)
  6. Have you tried (verb + ing)
  7. Why not ….?
  8. One thing you could/should/have to/must do is …
  9. My suggestion/advice is …
  10. Why don’t you …?
  11. It’s usually a good idea to ….
  12. The most important thing is to …..
  13. If I were/was you, I would ….
  14. You had better …

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