The Language of Love vocabulary

The Language of Love


This post looks at the language of love and friendship.  You can learn vocabulary that helps you talk about relationships. There is a short quiz at the end.

Maria’s story

Maria started a new job ten years ago.  She met lots of new people working there.  Some of her co-workers were just casual acquaintances.  However, in the first six months, she made some good friends.  She became especially close friends with one or two.  In December last year, Tom started working with Maria and they struck up a friendship.  They had a lot of mutual friends.  For Tom and Maria it was love at first sight.  They fell madly in love.  Their relationship developed and they decided to make a commitment to one another.  Tom proposed to Maria.  Maria accepted his proposal

As their relationship grew they got married and promised to never have an affair; they would always be faithful to one another.  After a while they both left the company and moved away.  However, they still kept in touch with their friends from their old company.  Ten years later, Tom and Maria are still very happy and they say they will never split up.


Casual acquaintance


Someone you know a little I don’t really know Jo. She’s just a casual acquaintance.
Make friends


Become friends with someone Sam always found it easy to make friends.
Close friends


A very good friend We’ve been close friends for years.
Strike up a friendship


Begin being friends with someone I’ve struck up a friendship with my neighbour.
Mutual friends
Friends you and someone else both have My husband and I met through a mutual friend.
Love at first sight


To feel love when you first meet someone Do you believe in love at first sight?
Fall in love


To develop feelings of love We fell in love during our holiday in Spain.
A relationship grows/develops


A working or emotional relationship We need to develop a good relationship with our staff.
Make a commitment


Promise to do something We made a commitment to each other
To propose to someone


To ask someone to marry you She proposed to me on my birthday.
Accept a proposal


To say yes when someone asks to marry you He accepted my proposal


A sexual relationship outside of marriage He had many affairs whilst married.
Not have a sexual relationship with someone else They were both faithful during forty years of marriage.
Keep in touch/contact with someone


To continue to communicate with someone I haven’t kept in touch with any of my old school friends.
Split up


End a relationship He was broken-hearted when he split up from his wife.


The Language of Love quiz


  1. She is not really a close friend. She is a casual ______.


  1. When Sam and Joe first met, they hated each other. It certainly wasn’t _____ __ ____ _____ for them but they’ve been married twenty years now.


  1. He is really shy. He finds it very difficult to ____ new friends.


  1. When we got married, we promised we would always be ______.


  1. I still _____ __ ____ with some of my old colleagues. We message each other regularly and we meet once a year for lunch.


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you and Tom have _____ __. How are you feeling?  If you need to talk, give me a call.


  1. Mark met his girlfriend Lucy through a ______ friend. Someone Mark works with was at the same university as Lucy.


  1. He _____ to Lucy on her birthday and she _______ his proposal.


The Language of Love quiz answers:
  1. acquaintance
  2. love at first sight
  3. make
  4. faithful
  5. keep in touch
  6. split up
  7. mutual
  8. proposed, accepted

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash


Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash