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Questions with DO: Learn English Grammar

Questions with do

In this article we look at two ways of asking questions with do.  They are sometimes called ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions.   We use the present tense when using the auxiliary verb ‘do’.  We can use do to ask questions about the present and the past.  However, the main verb in the sentence is always in the present tense except when using ‘did’ as a question tag. See below:

Examples of using ‘do’

Present tense

The first puts ‘do’ at the beginning of the sentence, for example:

Do you like sports?

and the second put ‘do’ at the end of the sentence, for example:

You like sports, don’t you?

Past tense

Did you like the film? (‘like’ is in the present tense here)

You liked the film, didn’t you? (‘like is in the past tense here)


Forming questions with do in the present:

Do/does     +   subject  +  infinitive

Do                   I                    want               to go for a walk?

Do                   you               like                  pizza?

Does               she               swim               much?

Does               your car        go                   fast?

Do                   they              play                 tennis?

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