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Stephen Hawking British Physicist

Stephen Hawking (1942 – 2018) was a British physicist*. He was born in Oxford, England on the 8th January 1942, 300 years after the death of Italian astronomer* and engineer* Galileo Galilei. Stephen grew up in the town of St. Albans about twenty miles outside London. He went to a local* school and afterwards to University College, Oxford. Both of Stephen’s parents had studied at Oxford University. He wanted to study Mathematics but that was not possible so he chose to study physics instead. He was an active young man who enjoyed* dancing and rowing.

After he finished his degree, Hawking went to Trinity Hall at Cambridge University to study cosmology*. Whilst he was at Oxford university, Hawking began to have some problems with his health. Sometimes he would fall over or have trouble with his speech. However, it was at Cambridge, where he went to study for a PhD, that his health problems became more obvious*.

Stephen Hawking British Physicist The English Tower

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Bonfire Night 5th November: Learn British Culture

Bonfire Night – 5th of November

‘Remember, remember, the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot..’

 These are the opening lines of an English nursery rhyme from around 1870.  This post looks at the history of Bonfire Night…

(words with * are explained at the end.  Full poem below)

Bonfire Night is also known as Fireworks’ Night or Guy Fawkes Night. It is a British tradition* that began in 1605. A group of thirteen Catholic men wanted to destroy the Houses of Parliament and kill the king, James 1.  King James was a protestant and many Catholics believed that the King should also be Catholic.  They wanted to kill him and replace him with a Catholic leader. 

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Pubs, cafes, restaurants: Eating out in the UK

Pubs, cafes, restaurants: Eating out in the United Kingdom

by guest blogger Lizzie G.

(words in red are explained at the end of the post)

In the United Kingdom, eating out plays a big part in many people’s lives. It used to be considered a luxury, however there are more places to go than ever.  If you ‘eat out’ in the UK it means that you are having a main meal in one of the many pubs, cafes, restaurants and fast food* chains in the UK.  Anywhere but home!

Most small towns offer specialist restaurants, in particular, Indian and Chinese food. Whilst many people like to go to these places for a meal with friends or family, it is possible to take the food away and eat it in your own home. This meal is known as a take-away.  Britain has a long historical connection with many countries around the world.  Many Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese, in particular, emigrated to the United Kingdom bringing with them their rich and varied cuisines. Indian food is so popular in the UK that some dishes were even created here – for example the chicken tikka masala!

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What is the BBC?

BBC photo 


The BBC is the British Broadcasting Company.   The BBC is ‘public service’ television and radio network.   If you have a television in the UK and watch televisions programmes you must buy a television licence.  The money from the licence pays for BBC programmes on television and radio.  Most of the money for the BBC comes from UK households.  There are no commercial advertisements* on BBC channels. 

When did the BBC start?

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