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Welcome to  The English Tower.  This site for those who want to learn English.   Do you have problems with the present perfect?  How many ways can we say thank you? Do you love learning new idioms? My blog explains grammar and teaches vocabulary such as functional language, phrasal verbs and idioms.   Functional language is language we use to help us.  For example: asking questions, saying sorry.  In this blog you can also read about life in the UK and some of the famous people who have lived there.  I would like to help you improve your understanding of English.  You can do this from the comfort of your own home!

English teacher Lisa
Lisa The English Tower Learn English

My name is Lisa and I am a teacher of English as a foreign language and a blog writer.   I trained as a teacher in London in 1994. After qualifying I moved  to Germany.  I spent many years teaching grammar, conversation and English for business and exam preparation.  I have worked with students from many different countries and with many different language needs. When I returned to the UK I began teaching Skype English online.  I love my job.    Every student is different and has different needs.  I enjoy creating lessons that are personal to each student and their needs and interests. Also, I am trying to learn Spanish online.  This really helps me understand the difficulties students have learning a language on the internet.  I am also sensitive to the problems learners have when they try to learn new vocabulary, understand difficult grammatical points and practice pronunciation.

Individual Skype English lessons

Some students want to learn another language because they want to live in another country. Others learn because they want to travel.  Many students learn because they want to get a new job.  Some people learn because they simply like learning languages.  Each of these students will have different needs.  One-to-one lessons can help the student improve their language skills much faster than in a traditional group class.   Students can practice and improve all of the four learning skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening, with a teacher.

What type of lessons?

Business language

Functional Language (asking for permission, saying sorry, etc)

Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation

Exam Preparation (Cambridge and Trinity exams)

Reading, listening, writing and speaking skills

Individual lessons for each student

Feedback after every lesson

A patient and kind teacher

Teaching Qualifications and Experience

Bsc (Hons) Applied Linguistics

Cert. TESOL (Trinity College)

20 Years’ teaching experience

4 Years’ online teaching experience

Business English, Conversation

Grammar, Vocabulary,

Pronunciation practice

Exam Preparation


Can I learn English online?

Yes, you can! The best way to learn a language, of course, is to spend time in a country where they speak that language.  However, for most people, this is not possible.  Classes are a good way to learn a language although it might be difficult to find a class. Learning a language online gives you flexibility and a lot of real-life language examples to help you learn.  This internet is full of excellent learning materials.  There are online apps that help language learners practice with each other.

Do I need Skype English lessons with a teacher?

If you want to improve your speaking, listening and pronunciation skills it is a good idea to have lessons with a professional teacher. It is possible to learn a lot without a teacher.  However, a teacher can help you get the best results if you want to:

Improve your vocabulary

Study for an exam

Improve your grammar

Learn English for work

Improve your pronunciation

Information on your progress

Help with the four skills:

reading, writing, listening and speaking

Work and business language

Formal vocabulary

Letter and email writing

CV/resume preparation

Telephone English

Small talk

Business vocabulary


Diplomatic language

Functional language

Introductions and greetings


Making suggestions

Asking for and giving advice

Agreeing and disagreeing

Making requests

Giving opinions


What type of learning materials are there on the internet?




Online magazines

youtube, vimeo and other video sites

Films and TV shows


language learning apps

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